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Service Agreement

The subject of this contract is the Law on the Protection of the CONSUMER numbered 4077 - Application Procedures and Principles of Distance Contracts, regarding the sale and performance of the service, whose qualifications and sales price are specified below, and which the AGENCY sells to the CONSUMER electronically from the website It covers the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation.
2.1- The CONSUMER declares that he has read and learned all the preliminary information regarding the qualifications, sales price, payment method and performance of the product subject to the contract and gives the necessary confirmation in the electronic environment.
2.2- The AGENT is liable to the CONSUMER because the service subject to the contract is defective.
2.3- In the event that the relevant bank or financial institution fails to pay the service fee to the AGENCY due to the unfair or unlawful use of the CONSUMER's credit card by unauthorized persons after the performance of the service, the CONSUMER is responsible for the service fee and the resulting damages.
3.1. The AGENT, despite showing all the necessary care, is an obstacle to the start or continuation of the trip; The tour may be canceled or postponed 24 hours before the departure time due to the inability to register as many as the required number of passengers and/or adverse weather conditions, road obstructions, strikes, terrorism, fog, the possibility of war, unpredictable technical issues and all force majeure. In this case, the CONSUMER has no right to compensation.
3.2 A- When the CONSUMER requests cancellation up to 15 days before the start of the service, the full price paid is returned to him.
B- The CONSUMER agrees and undertakes to pay 35% of the trip cost less than 7 days before the AGENCY if the CONSUMER cancels the contract 15-7 days before the start of the service despite not using the right of withdrawal within the period. Date changes made by the CONSUMER have the effect of cancellation.
C- In case of cancellation/transfer of the discounted service, the CONSUMER agrees and undertakes to pay 35% of the service fee up to 7 days before the service starts, and the entire service fee after 7 days to the AGENCY.
D- For special products, cancellations made up to 60 days before the start of the service, the CONSUMER will be refunded the full price paid up to that point. If the CONSUMER cancels the contract 59-31 days before the start of the trip, 25% of the trip cost, 50% of the trip cost if he cancels the contract 30-15 days before, 75% of the trip cost if he cancels the contract 14-07 days before. ini agrees and undertakes to pay the full amount to the AGENT if less than 7 days are left.
E- The CONSUMER's written submission before the start of the service with the official board report to be obtained from the full-fledged state hospital of the illness or death of the CONSUMER or their first-degree relatives that prevents their habitual occupation for 10 days is an exception to the cancellation/transfer clauses.
3.3 The CONSUMER can transfer the tour to the person they want until 7 days before the start of the tour. The transferee is responsible for the balance and all costs arising from the transfer together with the transferor. The CONSUMER is obliged to submit all cancellation/transfer requests in writing to the AGENT before the start of the service.
3.4 In case the CONSUMER does not notify in writing that he/she will participate in the service that he/she has missed; The AGENT has the right to cancel all reservations and services made on behalf of the CONSUMER 24 hours later. No refund will be made to the CONSUMER in such cancellations.
3.5 The AGENT may cancel the tours that it has announced or registered for, partially or completely, before the start of the service, provided that it notifies the CONSUMER when it deems necessary. At the same time or during the service, the AGENT may change the names of the hotels within the scope of the service, transportation vehicles and their places of departure, and the order of visits of the places specified in the program and shown as places to visit. If the CONSUMER does not accept these changes and cancellations for justified reasons, he has the right to cancel his reservation and get a refund for the unconsumed service fees.
3.6 The AGENCY's possible tour cancellation notifications can be made to each CONSUMER individually as well as announced on the website. The CONSUMER accepts this situation in advance.

1-All kinds of responsibility regarding the luggage and its contents belong to the owner. The CONSUMER is obliged to comply with the laws and customs applicable to the vehicle to which he/she will travel and the facility where he/she will stay.
2- In cases of baggage loss or damage caused by the provider's gross fault; In the event that the CONSUMER has the provider arrange a loss or damage report, 1/2 of the total cost of the trip, regardless of the material and moral value of the items in the baggage, as well as other qualifications and features, is paid by the AGENT as material and moral compensation for the lost item and suitcase. shall be paid by the owner of the goods to the CONSUMER. The AGENT is responsible for any loss, damage or theft of the goods, which were declared in writing with their values, at the most, as much as the transportation cost of the trip.
3- Visa Transactions and SERVICES are not included in the purchased service.
4- The AGENT is responsible for reasons other than force majeure, the situation that the CONSUMER is responsible for, and the situations arising from the personal responsibilities of 3rd parties after the commencement of the promised service. or in the form of a service refund, but also with additional and/or alternative arrangements that are not included in the price and given to the CONSUMER during the service. The fact that additional or substitute services have been purchased, used or consumed by the CONSUMER eliminates the CONSUMER's right to refund and compensation.
5-The CONSUMER will abide by the rules declared by the guide, facility and transportation vehicle authorities regarding the purchased service; He/she accepts that he/she will respect the life, property and peace of third parties, otherwise he/she cannot receive the service for just cause and has no right to return.
6- In the event that the CONSUMER terminates the reservation on the grounds that the service performed is defective, he must notify the AGENCY official and the hotel where he is staying, in writing, of the reasons for the termination. Otherwise, it is deemed to have received and used the service.
7- It is the duty of the well-intentioned CONSUMER to cooperate and act diligently, for the CONSUMER to notify the AGENCY in writing about the issues they are complaining about during the performance of the service.
8- Consumer(s) who do not sign the contract but participate in the service subject to the contract shall be deemed to have accepted and committed to the provisions of the contract when the CONSUMER(s) assigned to register on their behalf reads and approves this contract.
The right of recourse to other CONSUMERS is reserved for the collection of the excess amount or service fee paid by the AGENT to the CONSUMER(s) who have signed the contract.
In accordance with the 12th article of the 9-1618 law; If a package tour service is purchased, incomplete or non-availability of the package tour is insured. Coverage is as much as the package tour cost.
10- If the CONSUMER wishes, before the package tour and/or accommodation service starts; In case of accident and illness, it can insure the costs of returning to the exit point, and the costs of treatment and damage arising from all kinds of accidents.
11- The TURSAB KÜTAHYA SCHEDULE shall be applied in the calculation of the compensation to be paid in the event that the AGENT does not comply with the Agreement partially or completely.
Istanbul Consumer Courts and Arbitration Committees are authorized to resolve disputes arising from the implementation of this contract.
The CONSUMER is deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract.

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